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A home office can be a simple computer table or an elegant mahogany paneled retreat.

A home office can be a simple computer table or an elegant mahogany paneled retreat.

Home offices have changed residential design forever. Residential office space is now a mainstream feature in nearly every type, size and price of home. It is not surprising, then, to find that more and more we are being called upon to convert the extra bedroom, storage area or craft room into a dedicated home office.

At last count, more than 4 million people work from home on a full-time basis, while several million more work from home at least one day a week. These serious workers need something better than one end of the dining room table. Remodeling contractors help to satisfy the need for separate, private workspace by transforming existing rooms or building home additions.

Compared to the multi-purpose workspaces, dens, and libraries of just a few years ago, today’s home office is specifically designed for office use. These specialized rooms are often located on the main floor, frequently just inside the front door. This location allows privacy by separating the office from other public areas. If possible, the office might share a powder room or full bath (with its own door) with the rest of the house. We typically provide built-in bookshelves, extra storage and surfaces for files and equipment in the home office. We also make sure that the special requirements of the family’s computer and office equipment will be met.

The rise of dedicated home offices — whether converted or added — often prompts homeowners to desire smaller office-like areas for household management tasks. These ‘niche’ offices, useful for paying the bills or maintaining the family schedule, may be fitted within an existing master bedroom or kitchen. Such space may also be carved into a wide hallway or into a second-level loft between bedrooms, providing family access to a computer or homework area for school-age children. Similar space may be found near the kitchen or family room so that parents can supervise schoolwork, craft projects, or oversee Internet access.

As electronic and communication technology continue to evolve, home offices will be more popular than ever before. As a professional remodeler we are prepared to meet the work requirements of each client family through creative design, adaptation and execution.

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