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A Charleston Low Country style home on a Beach Block in Ventnor, NJ

A Charleston Low Country style home on a Beach Block in Ventnor, NJ

As life gets busier and relief becomes more difficult to find, more and more people are turning to their homes as a place of refuge and escape.

As a professional remodeler, we’ve seen an increasing interest in remodeling the master bedroom suite to become the “owners’ suite,” a true, in-home retreat area. This trend has evolved from a simple “bigger is better” approach to a more sophisticated variety of features that go far beyond square footage. Owners’ suite retreats have been redefined as spa-like experiences to create a relaxing and revitalizing environment.

One characteristic of the new owners’ suite is a built-in separation between the increasing number of functional spaces, even if we’re not adding square footage to the existing master suite footprint. The sleeping area, for example, is just that. It may even be tucked away from direct daylight to maintain a serene environment. Television, reading, and conversation areas, adjacent but separate from the sleeping quarters, might also feature a mini-kitchen for early-morning coffee, light snacks, or after-hours refreshments. Some owners’ suites may include a separate exercise/massage area, small-scaled but exclusive laundry equipment, and perhaps a private balcony or deck to enjoy a peaceful view.

Similarly, a remodeled master bathroom is segmented by both function and, in some cases, gender. A closet space, changing area or vestibule often provides a buffer between bedroom and the actual bathroom functions. An early-rising spouse can use shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet without disturbing the other person’s sleep.

Owners may even be interested in separate, his-and-her master bathroom spaces where space will allow. Though usually sharing one tub and/or shower setup, they prefer their own toilet, sink and vanity, and perhaps closet space to eliminate any “competition” for those functions.

In addition to the separation of spaces and functions within these owners’ suites, we’ve also observed a significant increase in products that serve those areas.

Closet organizing systems, for instance, are in great demand. A variety of components allow homeowners to create custom closet spaces for their particular needs. Shoe racks, drawers, cabinets, and closet rods combine to make much more efficient use of the space with the ability to change configuration as needs change.

To complete a luxury “spa” suite, homeowners may upgrade their master bath by choosing from products that create steam showers, gently warm the floor tile on chilly mornings, provide massage-like shower experiences, and deliver soothing effervescent bubbles within an overflow soaking bathtub.

As life’s pressures mount, owners’ suites have become an attractive alternative to the infrequent resort vacation. The remodeled “owners’ suite” creates a refuge that can be enjoyed every day.

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