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2nd floor addition, Margate, NJ

Remodeling contractors are always talking about “quality,” but few can explain what they mean. In fact, construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for. As a professional remodeling firm, we not only take pride in creating high-quality projects, but also in making sure that our homeowners see the quality and understand the difference it makes.

We appreciate that a complex home remodeling job — especially involving demolition and major structural components — is relatively foreign to those outside the industry. To help our clients learn the lingo and develop a trained eye as their house is being remodeled, we offer a variety of educational tools.

The most important tool we employ is effective communication. We listen carefully to questions and provide satisfactory answers. Our sales, construction, and warranty service associates are all trained to both listen and invest the time required to address questions concerning every aspect of the production cycle.

The best way to help a homeowner understand the remodeling process and see the value of the high-quality materials and methods we employ is to schedule project visits at key milestones. A walk through a newly framed room addition or attic remodel, for instance, allows us to point out the tight tolerances we require from our framing crews. On-site, we can show examples and explain why these standards help to ensure reliable performance and comfort in the completed project.

A little later in the process, homeowners can watch the ways in which we install wiring, plumbing, and mechanical systems to serve the remodeled section or the entire home. Our exacting specifications make sure that those systems perform as designed and promised. As construction continues, we continue to schedule similar walk-throughs so we can showcase the high-level materials and methods we use. What is difficult to articulate in the office becomes clearly demonstrated as the project takes shape.

We also consider the conditions of our job sites as an indicator of quality. We expect that our crews and trade partners maintain a clean site. Disposing of trash and scrap materials not only make for a professional work environment, but also a safe one. We believe that our insistence on a professional looking job site translates to professional, superior-quality workmanship. A clean job site also exhibits respect for our homeowner-clients, the majority of whom are living in the house while the project moves forward. We know that living in a construction site is a challenge. We do our best to keep dust and debris to a minimum, especially at the end of each workday.

As a remodeling project nears completion, quality is even easier to see and understand. Adhering to tight tolerances, we work hard to make sure that walls are smooth and that cabinets, trim, and other fixtures fit snugly into place. Our quality control systems ensure that windows and doors operate smoothly, and that flooring and other finishes are installed to meet our clients’ expectations.

But the true test of quality construction is occupancy. Our clients will understand what we mean by quality after living in their newly remodeled home for a while. Though our warranty service staff is available to address questions, the way that our homes stand the test of time (and everyday living) is a testament to the quality we strive to achieve from the foundation to the rooftop.

Warm regards,

Todd Allen Miller, AIA

QMA Design+Build, LLC
5000 Boardwalk, Suite 2
Ventnor, NJ 08406

NJ New Home Builder License #037561
NJ Home Improvement Contractor #13VH01107300

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